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How to find a perfect house

This is my personal take on how to properly buy an investment property or main house. 

Real Estate Travel ©

Real Estate Travel ©

Real Estate Travel ©
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Architect Breaks Down 5 of the Most Common New York Apartments | Architectural Digest

Architect Breaks Down 5 of the Most Common New York Apartments | Architectural Digest

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Design Process

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Design Process

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Real-Estate Explainer Video for Haus | Cartoon Animation

Real-Estate Explainer Video for Haus | Cartoon Animation

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Basics of Buying & Selling a Property

Basics of Buying & Selling a Property

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Debt Recovery Plan

Business Meeting at a Cafe

Young or old ~ we all crave our own space & place we call our own  home.  How do we get there? Some are lucky to be born with the silver spoon. 


Others, are meant to struggle, or make it there,  when they get there.  Many immigrants get into debt without knowing or understanding,  what it can lead to. Many people struggle later

to clear this debt, to become homeowners.

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Location Analysis


There a is home for everyone on this market. If you believe in Feng Shui or understand it ~ great. If you non-believe you can guess, I won't waste my time.


Sometimes, Beach house properties are advertised as a

"Candy Dream".  Not so fast. Before you jump into buying a $890,000.00 timeshare on the NC/SC/FL coast, think about couple of  things. CA/WA & OR coast ~ some other things. Check your local county Hazard maps for example,

to the see possibility of natural disasters. Like Weather. Hurricanes, Tornados, Earthquakes.


Storms & their probability, floods & earthquakes, mudslides in CA Mountains, the insurance, for possible damages restoration. Out of the "Three Little Pigs you should be the smartest ~ buy the house with the solid brick walls on the solid ground.

Check for flood zones, check for earthquake zones, wildfires, etc. Only then  ~ proceed with happiness. I personally would 

avoid "right on the water" properties. Pacifica CA, Aptos, CA, Boulder Creek, CA  all had suffered recent loss mountainsides, due to the mudslides. And will continue losing it. Nature has to reclaim itself somehow.


I would visit and consider for investing: Jenner-by-the-Sea, CA,  Point Arena, CA & Manchester, CA in Mendocino County. One of the best California coastal climates.  Visit one of the crippiest small towns on California's northern coast ~ Westport. No lights at night, a lot of coastal fog, one or two inns on the last roads before Pacific waters. Then take a trip to Arcata, CA via Legget, CA.

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Relocation Luck Analysis  & Advise


Attitude, sex & love preferences, taste in foods & drinks,

as well as choice of personal sports varies, depending on the environment you live in  & location you pick. I can definitely testify to this personally. I don't like to stay near water for too long,  for example, it makes me very irritable. So, I can never

live on the beach or ocean front.


I traveled a lot & I relocated a lot. I know what makes me happy & healthy, & what places trigger bad attitudes in me. In a same way people know, when alcohol or drugs are not good for them,

I know which places to avoid. Sometimes, it is better to wait to relocate &, sometimes, it can be an emergency. Sometimes, you move away for 20 years. 

It is always safer to see if your "dream area" may not be in your best interest, it can lead to illness, bad luck or even death & imprisonment. Always check Location Relocation © before

making the final decision to buy.

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Debt Management Advise

Young Businesswoman

The lack of fund is not the end of the world. Full Financial Recovery is possible, even after the Bankruptcy.


Sometimes, buying is not the best option. Waiting & saving may be. It all depends. Sometimes, it is legally safer for people

to rent rather than owe. Again, it is all very personal. 

Always consider your risks & opportunities. Do not over spend, when you can not afford to. 

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Property Analysis

Narrow Street

I am pretty sure ~ no one wants to buy a "Hunted House".  May be 2 people out of 100,000.00. This is WHY property history, usually, exists. Before you jump on

the "new as is" "Fixer Upper" check the Clandestine

Drug Labs in the United States Inventory. 


Sometimes, "Too Good to be True" properties, are

"Too Good to be True" ... I always check the "Crime Maps"

of the area I am interested in. Then I go from there. Everybody's budget is different, but this does not mean you have to buy a dump. Some people have $500K, but prefer to buy $250K ranch for cash. And some don't

have much,  but will go above & beyond for privacy &

will mortgage $2,000,000.00 formal gang member's home.

Many people build or buy in places they feel are secluded, beautiful or private enough. It's true. If you have a money you probably will be able to get the best lot with the view. Problem is, this best lot may not be in your best interest. This house will stay there for 10 year of 22, if you are lucky. Planetary weather changes quickly. Nature is more powerful than we are.  


* Remember, that the most secluded areas are also the most likely areas of the possible religious cults & felon colonies, especially, if the township has a private prison.


Decide what you want & then proceed with

landscape search. If you looking for established

family neibourghood in suburbs, for example, look

for niebourghood with nearly impossible future redevelopment. Make sure no one can build a

stadium or shopping mall behind you or decide to

lay new highway.


If you want to live in urban area, check the landscape for the best natural water resource, but avoid flood zones.

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"Sometimes, Less is More" * Present 


"Sometimes, Less is More" * Present Sometimes, we can not move, or rent a better or bigger place.  Sometimes, buying Villa on the beach is not the best options, & tiny country cottage, works just as well. It's ok. Feng Shui works everywhere. Anytime.

But, if you were born & live somewhere, were you have no ability to make a change? This is why Feng Shui exist. So you, can attempt to make a difference in your life. By trying

to change you birth luck. Will it work for you? No one knows,

& that's the fun part. But at least you have a chance & choice.

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Most important thing before you buy a home or move,
is deciding where you prefer to live:

Four Season Mountains or Forever Sunny Oceanside
I prefer "Snow in Winter"for example,
so I moved from California to Lake Ontario, but what about you? 

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