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I was raised and grew up in a society  with white only residents, where cannabis was a stigma, association with a gangs or lower class. We

did not have  any "colored people". In fact, I haven't heard the word Cannabis or marijuana until late 90th. 1999 to be exact. So, I never did

any drugs except Aspirin. Until 2010. This was the first time I tried smoking cannabis. After my friend told me cannabis was good alternative to pain medication for MS, I was still skeptical and very much afraid to try it, but decided to do it in 2010. I tried it on and off and as a treatment option for MS, but never permanent.  I have smokes cannabis since 2016, daily.  But always able to completely give it up without any side effects or withdraw symptoms at any time, especially when I have to travel. I want to share here my experience with cannabis brands I had tested and their effects. I use to not to have physical symptoms and not to stay high, I prefer to always stay aware, no matter what, like a sniper. Most of my "brands experience" is from California.


I never smokes anywhere else before. I now live in CNY, but brands here are limited due to later legalization and less Cannabis business structure. Upstate is just learning and it is still very much stigmatized here. They prefer Prozac with Vicodin instead .... Which I think is

ironic, as far as I have heard Woodstock, NY was a big deal in legalization movement during 60th and earlier 70th. But, I would not know, since I wasn't even born back then yet.

I find cartridge with oil or resin is more practical and cost effective medicine, compare to just flower.  You use  it less and it lasts much

longer. 1g cartridge usually lasts me between 4 to 5 days. However, I love flower and I smoke is as a luxury. I dislike all and any eatables,

due to "left over  morning gloom effect", you feel groggy after eatable, you can't properly predict the dose, so I prefer ... smoking it. Because of this will share cartridge and flower brands experience, mostly. 

How is Cannabis priced? 

"Top Shelf" when 1/8 oz. prices from $ 60.00, "mid-shelf" $30.00 to $59.00 for 1/8 oz. and "affordable" with 1/8 oz. beginning at $19.99. The price depends on growing style (indoor or outdoor, pesticide or organic, and, general bud rarity and quality.)


They just opened recently opened a new local CNY dispensary in Liverpool, NY. They do have a great choices, but prices are almost all

"mid to top shelf" level, however, taxes are included in a price displayed. They do not have a "Dime Bags 1/8 for $19.99", so this is a

very clean place. California taxes, for example, are 35% on recreational purchases compare to medical. I payed regular taxes in CA since

I did have an RX for Cannabis. Quality of the NY brands is really good. They have a lot to offer. Organic flower brands  without additives. They are super nice people too. Stop by the check it out. This store is next door to State Farm office. 


4205 Long Branch Rd Suite 4&5, Liverpool, NY 13090


Funky Style NY

Animal House ® This is a good organic brand to try. It is NY based farms and available in CNY. High THC levels are available. They offer flower. They are on affordable side ,"mid-shelf price".

Animal House logo glow.webp

"Strong People, only!"

Veteran's Choice Creations ® This is a good organic brand to try. It is NY based farms and available in CNY. High THC levels are available. They offer flower, "moon rocks", tinctures and cartridges.


"Momentary memory loss"

Senior Moments ®  This is new New York organic mints, gummies and tinctures brand. It is available in CNY now. It is clean with no additives.


If your want to try healthy diet

Flow Kana ® This is my favorite flower brand. It is available in Northern California. 


Find Organic alternatives

Maven Genetics ®. This is another organic cannabis brand. They offer flower, eatables, cartridges. They are available all over California. 


Organic alternatives

ROVE ® This is my favorite CBD cartridge brand. It is available in Northern California


Great Vitamins , "no additives"

BLOOM ® . They have great quality cartridges, without residue or extra plastic taste. They are available in California and Georgia.


Funny People, Only

DANK ® by Definition This is a good organic brand to try. It is NY based farms and available in CNY. They offer flower and pre-rolls. Mid-shelf pricing at TJ's Cannabis ®.


"New York Drama"

RAVEN View Genetics ®This is new New York brand of gummies and  flower. It is available in CNY now. It is clean  and it does not make me cough. 


Try something new

Pacific Stone ® Well established and well experienced brand in Mother Lode area near Yosemite, and in Northern California in general.


"Silent Mind"

Cru ® This is an great high potency cannabis with high levels of THC. They have up to 30%.


"Healthy Weight"

Raw Garden ®. These are my favorite live resin cartridges. They are available in California.


If your feels depressed

Halara ®. Fun brand to try. They have everything CBD and THS. Mostly THC.

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