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Why I do what I do, more important what Feng Shui has to do with it.

So, through the most of my life metaphysics were always present and had impact on my reality.

I began learning iChing in late 90th. While being pregnant with my first son, my father gave me

a series of books, to read during the pregnancy: "Diagnostics of Karma" by Sergey Lazarev. It was a series of 7 books, which I only finished reading after his death. My father died about 1 year and half after my son's birth. But this created lifetime connection, with invisible world of cause and effect of all our actions, and, lead me on the path of, sometimes very hard, self-discovery. No matter what I did, what career path I tried to take, or job I had to do, I was always reminded of the cause and effect, by the books I read when I was 19 and 20.

I spend almost 30 years studying iChing in depth, studying Dharma, with many lineages, studying astrology and Feng Shui with authentic Masters. I learned to see connections, between physical events, nature and our states of minds. Whether you are running your own business, work for someone else in the office or on the street, or, create something these energies are always present and with all of us. If you learn how they work, you can learn how to make your own reality more positive. experience less tragedies, less traumas. Death is inevitable, for all of us, but at least we can make even this process mindful and peaceful, if we learn how we really exist. So, in any business, form the bank to the construction site, knowing Feng Shui can be very helpful.

People keep degrading this knowledge, as pseudo reality, but what is not pseudo?

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