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Why do people sell drugs?

So, after watching yet another news report about fentanyl death, I began to wonder what kinds

of morals does person need to have to sell drugs, and, more important, where is the thin line between regular pharmacies and street dealers? I would not lie, though my life I got to meet all kind of people and from all kind of walks of life, some were very questionable indeed. Some treated me as equal, some where big racist and religious fanatics. Many times we "become friends" with people we know nothing about, and finding out later they eat ecstasy, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, cocaine, etc. These relationships get burned, like bridges. I avoid people like that.

But. At the end off the day, when tragedy strikes, they all end up "on the same boat", usually in the same place - funeral home. This is where everyone inequality gets leveled, and the most wealthiest become the same as homeless, due to the similar circumstances.

So, what type of consciousness person who sells drugs for living , especially illegal, must have? What is their motivations, beside money? What's inside the minds of the cartel dealers? Do they have any kindness and faith, into something other then money? And, are all drug dealers that bad?

Many MD's and NPA are paid to distribute and promote drugs. This is how they survive, on overprescribing anti-depressants and narcotics. But, I wonder, do they ever feel bad for their patients? Side effects and all? Diminishing brain activity, skin and liver damage that all of these drugs cause?

Why do these people feel they have a right to destroy or control someone else's life? Because this is what they do, in about 89 % of the cases.

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