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The question of the homelessness and order or "Department of Homeland Homelessness".

After listening to "Sotomayor asks if the unhoused should "kill themselves" by not sleeping, if they

lack shelter", I began to wonder, why no one would consider re-directing and reallocating the

low impact prison facility funds to convert low performing prisons into semi-shelter homeless facilities that could be ran by the Correction Departments? Do not place them together with criminals or regular prisoners, place them with people in need just like they are.

Create a new division within department of Corrections. People, who would still work for Department of Corrections, but would watch and care for homeless instead of criminals. Create

a new Department of Homeland Homelessness. They can collaborate directly with INS, local social services and all other local authorities, regarding their clients ~ homeless people, residents in their living facilities. They can help them with addictions, legal issues, job placement, mental health. After being cared and watched for in facilities like this by people who do care to correct others lives and behavior, these people will never commit crime or harm anyone. Try to give them love.

Biggest problem with our society is that, 99.9% of correction departments employees in this country are driven by, motivated and prone to cruelty, rather then compassion. You would have to first convince formal pastors, nuns and monks to turn into correction officers to create this department from the scratch ...

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