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Syracuse, NY vs. Rochester, NY Metro

Updated: 6 days ago

Today I went to look at the properties in Rochester area, because my sons think it is a more progressive, more advanced city compare to Syracuse. And? More "Uppidy," more simple Middle Class like us"... These are the exact words. Syracuse, in the minds of my kids, is: "too poor, to neglected and too stagnated and old to evolved. Microchip Plant would not fix it. People here are not nice, not evolved". "It would take 30 years for Syracuse to get where Pittsford or Rochester are."

I did not know what to answer. Am I delusional or just more positive? Am I an idiot? I don't think that Henrietta, NY is any different from Onondaga, NY? They ended with : "There is nothing like our house on the market, nothing on the market like this. We have everything brand new: open floor plan kitchen, hardwoods, new bathrooms, new kitchen, enough space... I wish we can just take our house and move it to Pittsford, but we can't". This "house showing day" gave them a new perspective on where and how they live and what they have. I am glad I did it.

I do think Pittsford area walkability and sidewalks in suburban areas are great. Onondaga almost does not have any sidewalks or any bike lanes. It is true. Syracuse, NY area traffic and general road and HWY infrastructure does seam like a "Drunk mad man midnight creation", but it is all fixable. Build sidewalks and add bike lanes, minimize car traffic in and near shopping areas, and you have it. More walkability. More accessibility. I want to convince them to stick around and give it a chance. To Onondaga. I think people here can change. They can evolve and become more open minded, less offended and offensive. Or not. Onondaga does need a new road and business infrastructure, no doubt about that. I am not sure I am ready to move to Pittsford yet, but I will help them buy a house there.

I also realized places like this are dead end for any career idea we carry. There it no where to have a career in this county, unless you are law enforcement and even so, I am sure their competition is worst than broadway stage, which is the most annoying place on this planet. We lived in Los Gatos, CA before, they did not see abandoned homes or too many homeless people under the bridge. But I am very much glad we moved here. They don't want to move back to California, they just want to move to Rochester ... My kids think it's just Syracuse. Ridden in poverty, nasty, aggressive, unfriendly toward formal immigrants from middle class. No it is the REAL face of America. Satiricon. They play Disney Broadway shows in all languages, but for whom? You think this shit cheers people up? Some guy in the Lion costume in the park, to which access is not available, because we have no sidewalks in suburbs, nothing but the highways and cars, that run children on the bikes over??? My kids silly, thinking moving to Rochester would make any difference. Right now only permanently leaving America would ...

Town of Onondaga

Town of Pittsford

Town of Londonderry

Everywhere else in Europe

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