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My Lost and Found search

I had been robbed in Tuolumne. Many things have been lost, but, thankfully, I kept a list of serial numbers for the most expensive and most intimate items I lost.

I was able to finally recover original S/N 3275672 for my Nikon D3000. It had many personal family pictures or the card, when it was stolen. From 2010, up to August of 2018. It has stolen from the back of the truck in the driveway, in August 2018.

I will post a full list of other items here. May be people will stumble upon my items in some pond shop or country antique store. You know how to contact me, if needed. There are couple of other things, beside this camera, I would love to return to me, if anyone has a chance to locate them.

In between pages of one of the table books was actual silver coin. It was a One Russian Imperial Ruble dated 1888. It's only valued at about $300.00 as of today. It was inside the plastic mini envelope, between pages. Family portrait, 4 people (colored, I have a b/w photo), some of wall paintings. These are more of the intimate and sentimental value, rather then monetary. Thank you.

2 x Rare Table Books:

  1. LIFE: The Most Iconic Photographs of All Time (inside the book were 2 collectable money certificates, 500 Reichsmark and Confederate Note, one in English one in German language, and, 1 antique promissory note signed by Princess Dagmar & Alexander the III. Promissory note was yellow, had their engagement date on it, as well as 38,000 øre hand written. I do not have a copy of the note.).

  2. Leonardo's Notebooks by Anna Suh (This book contained personal portrait of my mother when she was a child. Back of the photo has names handwritten in blue or black inc: "Elena Kovtun (Kogan) - Grechanovskaya - Kharitonova, DOB Oct. 21, 1950".

  3. My KNEU University Transcript, mailed from Kiev in 2018. I uploaded copy of the original label. According to their records It has been delivered. We never received it.

  4. Finally I ordered silver jewelry from Tiffany and company that was also never delivered. I kept a records of original order and it has a image of the actual jewelry. If any pond shop have seen it, please let me know.

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