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Local Demographics and Jobs Market

When I began looking for a job after settling in Syracuse, NY, I came to sad realization that majority of the jobs here are in Healthcare Industry and law enforcement. Rest of the local professions here make up a great minority. Financial sector jobs are extremely competitive,

and do not have too much flow, people hold their positions here until they die. Most service

jobs here are usually very low paying, so only options left are Upstate Medical University,

Police department, Sheriffs office and Local Villages Governments.

I was driving through the very bad parts of East and West Syracuse wondering why is it, that this area would not evolve beyond what is. Why would not someone comes and swips the bad stagnated nearly holding on homes and rebuild? Re-house people, who don't feel like taking care of the land they owe and property they hold titles on. I am not saying Syracuse, NY needs to become gated community. World already has plenty of those. But I am just wondering why people are "ok" with living next to ugly abandoned trashed homes? Why does it not bother you? Yes, military veterans and drug addicts don't have much money, but if you house them properly they can change. And, if you house them into new homes, rather then abandoned contaminated properties, and offer them and option of a small business ownership, this would make even bigger difference. Why wouldn't you? It is sad to see lost land opportunities in this city.

Most people who reside in Onondaga permanently are middle age to seniors. They also mainly live on Government or self-employment income. Yes there are colleges here, but just like my sons, younger generation does not want to live here permanently: no sidewalk in suburbs, no bike lanes, no shopping in the community and Norwegian moods and weather.

So, you can imagine why most jobs are in Healthcare and Law Enforcement ... Demographics influences huge part of our economic growth. Huge.

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