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Less Boogie "Trader's Joe®" or ~ "Aldi" ®

So I had this conversation with my sons. after moving to Syracuse area and realizing true inequality of the social income here, I began shopping at the places that would bring the most benefit for everyone: non-GMO European food + the low cost.

After trying every store in the area, for about a months, to determined the cost, I chose three main stores where we buy most of our groceries, including delicatessen: Aldi ® in Camillus, NY , Trader's Joe ® in Dewitt, NY and European Specialties ® in Syracuse, NY 13204. We also periodically visit Costco ®, for the major household items, like Decaff Coffee, toilet paper, detergent or paper towels, but that is it.

My son's co-worker called Aldi's ~ " Less Boogie "Trader's Joe ®". I have to agree, after all it's the same company ... We spend around $180.00 a week at Aldi's on groceries for the family of 5 adults. We eat organic, meat, fruits and vegetables, some frozen food (frozen salmon or shrimps mostly), but mainly fresh, both meat and veggies. We all love to cook and it is cheaper, then buying "delivery out".

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