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How to rebound your career after 10 years full-time volunteering break

I decided to go back to work full-time are unsuccessful run with financial partner search for my RE Ideas. But, after being self-employed for 5 years and 7 year of full time volunteering, I have a viable employment gap. So, I decided to turn all of these years of volunteering into employment.

Many times, veterans, middle ages stay at home-mothers or fathers decide to go back to work. Kids are overgrown, have their own lives and instead of being "empty nesters" money making sounds much better option.

I was there for event organizing and setting up stages, ballrooms and event halls, sometimes from 6:00 am till 3:00 am next day. I wrote spiritual program basics, designed posters and web banners, edited books for print and draw the line drawings for the books. Coordinated private events for the Lama's and assisted with foods and drinks cooking during the big events. I gain great experience, beside learning Dharma in the process. But I also performed, many tasks, full-time.

This was an experience worth calling a job.

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