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I am always open & very interested in any most advanced beauty procedures available on the market, especially the ones that always

proven to work. I am not very pretty, never were, and after I had a facial palsy episode in 2009, I was not able to fully restore facial shape, for a while. I did Juviderm ® in 2011 first, but it did not support my facial shape well. Sometimes, things like this happen to generally healthy people: MS, stroke, car accident, aneurysm, palsy, etc. Face gets damaged, distorted, and hard to fix naturally. Botox and fillers are probably one of the best options for people with any facial nerve damage.  I appreciate anything the cosmetic industry can offer. I decided to share the latest procedures, I either did myself or witnessed with successful final results. Botox ® definitely works all the time. I do it every 6 to 9 months. 

I actually did everything on the list, except EMSculpt ®. I was not happy with Coolsculpting ®, because I somehow gained almost 20 lb.

within the following 6 months & look fatter, not skinnier. But I contribute this, at least partly, to the middle age hormonal & life changes. Some people do benefit from Coolsculpting ®. But, about 6 months later, my stomach "shifted to the side and began hanging", it never happen to me before. I do plates, my whole life. I did have severe adverse effect from Coolsculpting ®, but legal help is not available when it comes to injectables or any cosmetic procedure, at this point. I was denied help by 4 attorneys. I got used to being denied legal help in this country, so no big deal. I wish the clinic Monroe Spa ® all the best, manager refused to even reply to my request on how they would like to handle it. They did kind of ruined my face with injectables and my stomach with Coolsculpting. But since I have no personal or intimate life, or ever intend to have, it doesn't really matter anyway. I will look ok, once I find an office job, not much worst than most women my age. For travelling the world being uglier is actually safer. After hearing the clinic owner talk about another, apparently elderly patient, who did butt implants and hearing comments like" she was too old for butt lift anyway", I decided to switch the clinic.  I did not think 20 years olds teens do or need butt lifts, I am not sure who exactly he expected to have

as a patients, movie stars? in Camillus? People come here to retire ...

One very important thing to know, my son needs plastic surgery for weight loss, but we were told he can not get it done until he gets his weight down to 275 lb. MAX. I don't see the point in surgery, if you can get down to this weight naturally. We tried. For 6 years. No diet, no attempt of any exercise helped. He gain horrendous amount of weight after unapproved Gardasil ® injection at the age of 14. We could not get it lower than 340 lb. But according to Syracuse Plastic Surgery, he needs a gastric bypass surgery first. It is good to know they do not operate on overweight patients.


Plastic Procedures & More

Plastic Procedures & More

Plastic Procedures & More
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BOTOX for Migraines, Animation.

BOTOX for Migraines, Animation.

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Juvederm Volux - The New HA Filler for Jawline Contouring

Juvederm Volux - The New HA Filler for Jawline Contouring

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Jawline Rejuvenation with a Special Focus on Juvéderm Volux XC with Dr. Cho & Dr. Chiang

Jawline Rejuvenation with a Special Focus on Juvéderm Volux XC with Dr. Cho & Dr. Chiang

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Understanding Facial Palsy

Understanding Facial Palsy

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Juviderm ®

(hyaluronic acid (HA)

about $760


Sculptra ®

(injectable poly-L-lactic acid)



EMSculpt ®

(high-intensity electromagnetic energy)

about $3000



about $600

Kybella ®

(Deoxycholic acid injection)

about $700


CoolSculpting ®

(cryolipolysis procedure)

around $1400


DMK Enzyme Therapy ®

Enzyme Therapy ~ Restores skin to its peak condition

around $375 for a  package

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