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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn



Between 2021 and 2024, the office-to-multifamily conversion pipeline swelled from 12,100 units in progress to well over 55,000, according to a new report from RentCafe

Snow Removal Truck

"More transparency, equity and efficiency come from systems that optimize and prioritize plows and provide real-time road data during winter storms, these cities say."


In October, hotels in Paris were hit with an issue that hotel managers everywhere fear: bedbugs. 

Just months before the city was set to host the Olympics, scheduled for this summer, the French capital garnered headlines for an invasion of pests. “Paris is crawling with bedbugs,” reads one from CBS News. 


"Aerial cable cars remain rare for U.S. urban transportation, but cities and private groups see them as a novel solution to traffic woes."

What does running bank branch means?

Many people are confused regarding the responsibilities of running the Banking Branch and the skills, required to do it. These are the MAJOR REQUIREMENTS for RUNNING BANK/FINANCIAL SERVICE BRANCH.

Number one and the most important skill is attention to details. Without it ~ do not enter the banking profession.

  1. You have to have strong leadership skills or a desire to lead. And remember that, when something goes wrong you will be responsible first. Because you lead others.

  2. You have to have an education and skills, in either management or human resources; basic knowledge of human psychology is also required, as well as basic mental health training. 

  3. You have to have a basic knowledge of the technology involved, as your branch has to comply with all current federal security requirements for financial institutions.

  4. You have to have basic household management skills, as it will be required for you daily: to make sure the branch runs smoothly, toilet paper, soaps, and ventilators are all working and are in place.

  5. You have to have basic accounting skills to deal with salaries and bonuses. This is are all of the skills, without exceptions, you have to have, to become a bank branch manager.


Human Management



Security infrustructure

Security and system upgrades




Technological management

Suppliers and service 


Physical management 

Branch (closing opening),

running and  maintenance


Multilingual Functionality,

Everyday functionality

Budget managemnt, employees salary and bonuses structure 



Fortress Co-CEO Sees Commercial Real Estate Stress Leading to More Bank Failures

"More U.S. banks will fail as the commercial real estate crash begins to work its way through to lenders’ balance sheets, according to Joshua Pack, co-chief executive officer at Fortress Investment Group LLC."

. Read the full article at M&A


Focus Brands renames itself GoTo Foods

"CEO Jim Holthouser announced the change at the company’s biennial franchisee conference, and framed it as a way to emphasize the value of its brands — Moe’s Southwest Grill, Auntie Anne’s, Carvel, Cinnabon, Jamba, Schlotzky’s and McAlister’s Deli — to franchisees and consumers."~ according to Aneurin Canham-Clyne Reporter 


JV of Marcus Hotels & Resorts, Hempel Real Estate and Robinson Park Investments acquisition of the 251-key Loews Minneapolis Hotel.

"Milwaukee-based Marcus Hotels & Resorts, Minneapolis-based Hempel Real Estate and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based Robinson Park Investments have jointly acquired the 251-key Loews Minneapolis Hotel for an undisclosed price. 

This will be the third property managed by Marcus

in Minneapolis since 1993."~ by Shawn Turner


Ivory Innovations has announced the top 25 finalists for the 2024 Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability

"The 25 finalists join 122 others in Ivory Innovations’ network of innovators. All finalists are included in the Ivory Innovations Housing Innovation Database, a comprehensive overview of more than 500 promising housing organizations across the country." ~ according to Symone Strong


Roark Capital is considering taking Inspire Brands public later this year or in 2025 depending on market conditions


"With a proposed valuation of $20 billion, an IPO for the parent company of Dunkin’ and Arby’s would be one of the biggest in the sector in over 20 years. " ~ according toJulie Littman Reporter


Cubicle Crunch: Developers Demolish High-End California Offices To Put up Warehouse as Demand Shifts

"The Santa Ana office owners — Los Angeles-based Kearny Real Estate and New York-based Dune Real Estate Partners — plan to redevelop the 200,000-foot building rated Class A at 3100 S. Harbor Blvd. into a 163,000-square-foot industrial facility.

~ according to

What is the most important thing to do when you are young? Set your financial goals. What do you want to be and do, when you get old?

For example, my goal is: to want to have $1million on the pension IRA fund or solid assetts (Real Estate with Gold & Silver), $400,000.00 on the High Yeld CD and liquidity income of $80,000.00 a year. What is your personal goal?

Online banking

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The Summit Federal Credit Union


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Financial Elder Abuse: The Most Common Senior Scams

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Financial elder abuse on the increase and is 'extremely common' | ABC News

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Warning Signs of Elder Financial Abuse

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