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Этим сайтом Я хотела выразить и показать энергию каждого континента. Верьте или нет но планета земля то одна,

а вот энергии по ней текут разные. Южная Америка, так же как и центральная Африка более агрессивная, например,

чем Северная Корея и Китай. 


With this site I wanted to express & describe the energy of each continent. Believe it or not, there is only one planet Earth, but there

are different energies running through it. All of the time. South America, as well as Central Africa, for example, are more aggressive,

than North Korea or China.


We can all sense the energy of places on the far away distance, we simply have to relax & concentrate on the object, that we desire

to investigate. Try it. Watch the videos, read the description of resort & sense how you feel about each of them or any heritage site.

Which one would you like to visit? Which places would you say have the most positive energy? Try it. 


And don't forget to check your Astro Travel Recommendations. Some places are your Death Zones, make sure you map them & avoid, for the duration of this lifetime. It my surprise you, but the place of your dreams ~ may become your last stop.  Unless, 

of cause you travel there with the purpose to die.

10 Countries where I felt SAFEST Traveling ALONE (+ 5 That Are NOT)
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VISIT Portugal

Tivoli ® Resort
Marina Vilamoura

In the 15th and 16th centuries, Portugal was the leading country in the Age of Discovery 

and established one of the longest-lived maritime and Commercial Empires,

becoming one of the main economic and political powers of its time.

Have fun exploring 

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