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Этим сайтом Я хотела выразить и показать энергию каждого континента. Верьте или нет но планета земля то одна, а вот энергии по ней текут разные. Южная Америка, так же как и центральная Африка более агрессивная, например, чем Северная Корея и Китай. Но северяне более жестокие в войнах друг с другом. Северяне, как правило, редко чужакам доверяют, и как правило, имеют свои семейные бизнесы. Они не любят уступать позиции, они верят в традиционную иерархию, намного больше чем Южане. При этом Южане предпочитают разоружать граждан и милитаризировать правительство, в то время как северяне предпочитают сами иметь оружие.


With my travel affiliations I wanted to express and show the energy of each continent. Believe it or not, there is just one planet Earth, but there are different energies flowing through it. South America, as well as central Africa, is generally more aggressive, for example, compare to North Korea or China. But "the Northerners" are more cruel in wars with each other. "Northerners" rarely trust the strangers, and, often, have their own family businesses. They don't like "to give up their ground", they believe in traditional hierarchy, much more than Southerners. At the same time, Southerners prefer to disarm citizens and militarize the Governments, while Northerners prefer to own the weapons in a family, themselves.


We can all sense the energy of places on the far away distance, we simply have to relax & concentrate on the object, that we desire

to investigate. Try it. Watch the videos, read the description of resorts & sense, how you feel about each of them or any heritage site. Which one would you like to visit? Which places would you say have the most positive energy? Try it. Which places give you feeling "something bad had happened here"? Would you come back again? Try it. Experience it virtually before your go. And trust your own intuition, don't "just go, because everyone else does". 


And don't forget to check your Astro Travel Recommendations. Some places are your Death Zones, make sure you map them

& avoid, for the duration of this lifetime. It may surprise you, but the place of your dreams ~ may become your last stop.  Unless, of cause, you travel there with the purpose to die.

As a Feng Shui Travel Agency Marinapolis ® & Many Worldwide Resorts Affiliate we DO NOT RECOMMEND vacation locations & DO WARN you about any locations, that may be HARMFUL for you. But, it's up to you to believe it or not, we carry no responsibility or liability for your actions nor we can guarantee your safety, if you choose not to listen.  

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