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To summarize, Community would have:

  1. Community of 11 total Traditional Brownstone Style homes. All between 4 to 8 stories, build as pictured. Total of 144 family units, sized from 1 to 4 bedrooms maximum, with all of the balconies facing out from other units, (never facing neighbors). 8 stories buildings would have maximum of 6 units. 6 story building would have 4 big units, & 4 story building would only have 4 small units. Or this can be  total 144 separate 2 to 4 bedroom, but 3 stories maximum townhomes.

  2. 24/6 Club House with indoor pool & sauna

  3. 24/6 Buffet with Wine Cellar for residents

  4. Gym, Massage Room & Acupuncture office

  5. Security Firm on site

  6. Day Care on site 

  7. Cannabis in regular pharmacy Pharmacy, all in one

  8. Smoking Lounge with keycard access

  9. Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service on site

  10. Solar Art Park, 4 fountains, 4 solar charging stations

  11. 4 Solar Farms on 4 Garage rooftops

  12. 24/7 ER on call/ MD in the building

  13. 4 Rooftop Restaurants

  14. Advertising & Management Office

  15. Private Retail Office & Boutique spaces



I am a realist. I know no one will deal with invalid in business.


I do not expect much. But I do hope the project itself, which is the whole point, may strike some right strings.


In the places like this people are also under the influence of the local politics, which I am not yet fully familiar with, only living here for the second year. This is why I did not want to post this on the Facebook or any other popular social media.


This is a vey specific project. When it needs to be seen, it

will be. I am sure.


I did not want to cross anyone else. This project is only for people, willing to look forward in terms of infrastructural community changes, trying something new in the places, where most people avoid to even

stay for long.  Not a lot of urban cities in Siberia or on Alaska, you know. Many people in Seattle & London are chronically depressed due to the gloomy weather. Many, but not everyone. Onondaga, is somewhat,

the same. 

 What in it for me personally?

One award One Mortgage Free 4 bedrooms Penthouse Townhouse, in the finished community.


Why all these luxury for invalids? Because our society became too cruel, too indifferent toward each other. Really. What you see on TV is not real life. Far from it.

Everyone today seams

to fight for purity & independence of their own culture, including all colored  races. They completely confused supremacy with freedom, & returned to the first.


People of Denmark hate immigrants; people of Croatia do to; people of Germany hate Ukrainians; Ukrainian hate Russians; Americans Hate Russians; Americans hate Latinos; Russians hate theft & stupidity; Brits hate Irish; Spanish hate French; Black Americans hate White Americans & more Inc.; etc.


I used to have a page on my site called"Being Born Black". It was a series of Youtube videos from

various world countries & interviews of people of color, on how their life reflected based on being mixed. Being black & Asian, for example, was cool in China. She became a model & an actress, rare find. But being too white left one woman with no income in Korea.

I am personally white, not even color mixed, but I was chronically made

fun of because of my Russian accent, background, culture, etc. Being an immigrant is not any different, then being a person of color. You develop thick skin eventually.


It is everywhere. It is not a media cyber war. It is our physical reality. People need to stop. Find places to settle in & stop. Stop fighting for anything. Learn how to settle in. And do it. You won't live forever. Stop fighting. Or, at least, find the cause that will benefit everyone,

not just you.

I am sick & tired of seen people with great intellectual capacities struggle to find jobs, while fitness models taking their places with their useless pretty faces. Invalids are part of the society you crave to save.


All families have issues. All families are capable of caring for the family members. I oppose nursing home idea. It is cold, somewhat heartless

& too "Roman Empire". Both children & senior citizens deserve equal amount of care. But at home. Their own home.



People live their whole life for the sake of paying their home off, having their own rooms, style, things, but when it gets paid off they get sent away to nursing home?


I am hoping this idea will speak to someone else. With connections & money. I also hope copyright will be respected. I took more than 4 years to write it, after researching Real Estate markets in US for over 26 years. 

Traditional Healthcare in CNY ~ sucks. In US, in general, even more. Giving private birth in USA is probably the only reasonable thing to use American healthcare.


Otherwise I know many friends & one relative, who took their cancer patient family member to Mexico, for treatment. I want to find people interested in opening the Recovery

& Pampering Community for immigrants with physical disabilities.


It would include minimum cosmetic procedures & many spa services,

but Specifically with Chinese Medicine background. Traditional Chinese medicine has been known to be a great resource for alternative treatment of pains & addictions, as well as general well-being.


I am interested in opening & running a center with integrated acupuncture,

a series of massage therapies, herbal alternative treatments with a nutritional clinic, an astrology center

& spa services, including Botox, and addiction counseling.


The Center would provide both free & paid services to anyone with any form of disability. Services would include meditations, a free yoga studio, massage services, astrology & nutritional consultations, Botox & hair care, etc. 

In overall, I wanted to build a small self-sustaining non-religious, formal legal immigrants citizens & disable business owners community, with it's own infrastructure. With alternative Healthcare on site & many other necessary services.  



Possibly with the Equity Coop financial structure. I am against a nursing home idea care. I am "pro-independent living" for all disable people, & home care nursing.

I included Day Care on Site concept, with at home Medical & Pediatric Care.


I also included some "bad habits care" into the project: "Smoking lounge booth" , "Cannabis in the Regular Pharmacy Sale" & "24/hours wine cellar on site" idea.


Community would decide how they want to make income out of this.

Main point of this coop idea is: 1 & 2 bedroom residences would sell/rent for min $1,200.00 a month, while 3 to 4 bedrooms would sell/rent at min $1,640.00 a month.


Properties can be purchased with permanent builder loans with no more than listed monthly price, but not to be resold at higher price without prior approval of the whole community.


To keep stable residency & permanent income, all townhomes will include a business/ rental space on the first floors & owners will have a right to

do what they desire with their own business space. It is included with the unit price. 


It's a kind of fixed rent or mortgage community. Affordable, luxury, yet  unique & all inclusive.  

~ Marina Vladimirovna Parrish © 2019


In order to comfortably afford Mortgage or Rent of $140,000.00 property in amount of $1,200.00 a month, you have to make at least $42.00 an hour or around $80,000.00 a year.

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This square 144 connected brownstones layout,

with central  courtyard, with 2 pedestrian gated entries and

6 connected solar farm garages entries.

Courtyard IS NOT CAR ACCESSIBLE, at any point.

Business space is about 600 sq. ft,

with 1,400 sq ft of living space on 2 other stories. 

 In the middle of the courtyard is 24/7 community building.

There will be 4 solar fountains, in each corner of the community.

Community would also host 6 different rooftop seasonal restaurants.


600 sq ft




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I think  3 to 4  floors maximum would be much better & more practical.

With the bottom/ground levels & 1st floors are being all business facilities & 2nd through 4th are residential. 

4th or ground floor being building/community security levels. While rooftops would host 4 "Dine In-building"



Buildings should be build as a square shape (above), with mix & match hight: 4 stories ~ 3 stories.

While backup generators facilities can be located inside 4  garages, connecting 4 buildings.

Garages, can also host solar panel farms & smoking lounges for all 4 buildings (picture above). 

9 Solar Art fixtures can be places with 4 fountains inside the buildings courtyards. 


If the flood happens, both residential facilities & security levels will remain intact. Generators will be safe

inside the garages during the storms. And people with pets stay safer. This type of living in the Northern

climate regions with a lot of  snow is very practical, & creates more stable communities.

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