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It is very important to learn the local laws before you travel.
Kingdoms usually have much stricter laws.
Other present day monarchies, constitutional or sovereign  are: 

CommonWealth Constitutional monarchy 

  1. United Kingdom

European constitutional monarchies are 


  1. Andorra 

  2. Belgium 

  3. Denmark 

  4. Luxembourg 

  5. Kingdom of the Netherlands 

  6. Norway 

  7. Spain 

  8. Sweden 


European mixed monarchies are constitutional monarchies, in which the Prince retains many powers of an absolute monarch.

  1. Liechtenstein 

  2. Monaco


Absolute Muslim monarchs remain


  1. Brunei

  2. Oman

  3. Jordan

  4. Saudi Arabia

  5. Bahrain

  6. Kuwait

  7. Qatar

  8. The United Arab Emirates 


East & Southeast Asian constitutional monarchies are:


  1. Bhutan

  2. Cambodia

  3. Japan

  4. Thailand

Other monarchies are:


  1. Tonga in Polynesia 

  2. Eswatini 

  3. Lesotho in Southern Africa

  4. Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM)

  5. Vatican City in Europe


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