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List of Small town communities in New York State
with Car Free Safe Walkable Downtowns

(except Long Island, Brooklyn & Manhattan)

As of today, none  of  the New York state towns, both urban or suburban, offer "Car free bike only" environment. However, many towns in Upstate do offer close to perfect setting for walkable living. Many old post-industrial success Era towns became  nearly abandoned, due to lack of manufacturing & high end corporate sector.  Mainly this was a tax issue for many businesses. But as of today, many small town began green revitalization process, which brings new younger generation in & improves quality of housing & living style. 


I hope more people will notice & realize Upstate New York potential for both Online corporate headquarters, small communities & family businesses. As an online corporation you can allow your employees to work remote & have a small office for members meeting, while having corporate events in hotels & venues. This would: benefit you & hospitality industry, save on office rent & equipment, energy cost & travel expenses reimbursement.


As a private corporation you can chose private insurance plan with an incentive for the employees to stay healthy, by offering the refund, at the end of the year for any unused medical services, for example. Or create a saving refund fund from all unused medical funds, that would benefit disable or sick family members. Employees will have more freedom & ability to live happy & productive life, both career & family wise. I also hope my Development  Idea of Small Businesses Community will find its fans, besides me.



Townhouse Community Layout

Downtown Winner for
walkability and bikeability
 Syracuse, NY

Fairly to mid-affordable, including taxes, vicinity of the

 3 major universities & many small colleges in Upstate NY area. "Seattle weather" with more winter snow than in Alaska, Downtown Syracuse, NY is a great place to visit & buy for younger, single people or childless couples, but not to buy for family.


Syracuse Downtown "is

very walkable (87) and

very bikeable (76)",

according to

but not car free. No new townhomes or affordable rowhomes communities with businesses are available for sale in this county. 

Green Townhouse

Closest to being perfect,
but not car free or affordable
Albany, NY

According to, Downtown  Albany is: "the

3rd most walkable neighborhood in Albany with a Walk Score

of 93." First of this list is "Center Square, Albany".

Taxes are on the high end, properties are also expensive &, sometimes, outdated for

the price. There is only one prefect townhouse available

in "Center Square" for $764,000No new townhomes with businesses are available for sale in this county.


However, they do have a perfect,  affordable, but TLC required rowhome, in Troy, NY,  for $125,000. And perfect rowhome, that DOES NOT REQUIRE anything, but smaller, for $184,000. Troy, NY

is "Very Walkable" (78) 

and "Somewhat Bikeable" (48), according to


Close for being perfect for
walking, but not very bikeable 
Geneva, NY

According to, Downtown Geneva, NY is: "Walker’s Paradise" with a Walk Score of 90. Taxes are on the high end, properties are also expensive &, sometimes, outdated for the price.


There is only one townhouse available in Downtown for $679,000. However, they do have new townhomes with community businesses available for sale. They are priced at over $899K.


Closest Downtowns
to look Car Free
Westchester County, NY 

Unfortunately, Westchester County is currently unaffordable area, due to its proximity to Manhattan. With mostly single homes & condos available for sale & xtremely high taxes, their Downtowns are great places to visit, but not to buy.


No affordable new townhomes or rowhomes with businesses are available for sale in this county. 

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