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What is the Real Addiction to You? 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I asked myself this question many times through out my life:

"What is the Real Addiction?"

Do you know what the answer is? 

Inability to control once Desire & always finding excuse to "Why Not"? Nothing More.

We can be addicted to: people, chemicals, drugs, sex, things,

tastes, visual effects, smells, touches, status, fame &, ideas, even our memories, believe

it or not. Addiction to idea, theories & memories can lead to serious long time mental illness, like obsession & schizophrenia.  I have seen it. You can also be addicted to your own name, fame or brand, as well, &, without knowing , lead it to complete destruction.

If you don't estimate your risks.

Addictions, Traumas & Retreats ©

Addictions, Traumas & Retreats ©

Addictions, Traumas & Retreats ©
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Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

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West Coast Retreat Locations

If you need to overcome addiction or serious trauma, going

into universal retreat is one of the best options to begin healing. Non-denominational non-religious or faith based silent retreat may be the best option. These are some of the places along the West Coast I personally attended.


They offer clean energy housing, no air conditioners & solar power generators; hot water & clean toilets; offer traditional spiritual retreats, mostly within Tibetan Dharma Tradition;

offer Karma Yoga, as a partial payment option, with both, indoor & outdoor (tent in a camp site), accommodations.


Castle Locks, OR/Bridge of Gods is simply a very secluded

area, great for any retreat & recovery. 15 to 30 days is the best duration for recovery retreat. 7 days will have a minimum effect. 

Performance Art

Be careful

NEVER attempt Silent Retreat, especially unattended, if you

are suffering from schizophrenia or bipolar disorder & never

go into retreat for more than 7 days. 


Your mind will not be ready for this & you can have an unrecoverable mental break down. In retreats I have seen people who truly believe they are historical figures of the past, Templars, Marie Antoinette, Jesuses Daughter from Marie

The Magdalene, Kurukulle in Flash , etc. False believe in

the state of  the mental euphoria, sometimes, are normal.

Depending on circumstances of these thoughts. However, continue believing this, after the retreat  ~ is a mental disorder.


Why? In retreat, you may be required to do acting, in order to release certain emotions. When returning to normal life, it is highly recommended to stop acting. Never stop taking your medication in retreat, your chemical in balance will not be

cured by just meditation practices or reading scriptures. This practice is only appropriate for fully mentally stable people.

Asian Water Garden

And more 

How does it work? 


While disconnecting yourself from all Electronic & Media Influences, at least temporary, you will be left with nothing,

but your own thought to sort thing out. No cell phone, no TV,

no music, except acoustics, if you chose, no electricity at night, candle light or solar lantern.


When you left alone in silence your mind bring out on the surface everything that was previously silenced, by the

outside influences, like media or other people. You can begin discovering why you do what you & how to proceed. You not being destructed with problems of upcoming reality. You just have to find a way to remain in the present. Everything else

will come to you. 


Doing Karma Yoga, meaning working in the kitchen or cleaning during the breaks, helps to stay connected to physical realty, when you meditate too much. It helps to keep mind stable & destruct yourself from thinking completely, while you washing dishes or serving food, still in silence. Being silent helps to pay attention to physical reality in details. Your brain activates different region this way, when you stop talking. It gets re-wired new this way, fresh.




Silent Mind

When you return to your everyday reality, you will begin perceiving things different. This is definitely a fact.

Many people mistakenly think they need to receive initiations

or blessings before they can learn how to meditate.

Your Mind is the only REAL thing you need to hear your

own thoughts. Just make sure you create enough silence.

Can you spend  at least 15 days alone with yourself in the conditions like this? 

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