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What is the Thin Line
between the discipline & abuse?

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School Kids

As I watched another movie about "PTSD vet", I realised how awful this society's understanding of abuse is.  And many times, it begins at home, transferring to the education system later.


Many times if abuser comes from the military background, society usually runs into alternative problem: double law standards. Military personal is usually raised & trained  different, compare to the most of us.


Yet, if you think about this, traditional public school system is partly promotes

a military learning style. This is where

the lines gets very blurry: how do you PROPERLY deal with unruly behaviour? What is the PROPER WAY to disciple

a child without traumatizing?

When my son was in the 2nd grade he

was still named Nikita. He was bullied in schools being called "La femme Nikita". Since I left his father with no child support payment arrangement, my new spouse &

I decided to gave all of us new names: both last & first, since we were the once who raise him fully.


We moved to Midwest & everyone has been officially legally re-named "Parrish"

in 2003. Nikita was re-named into Nicholas. I used pseudo first & middle names for sometime, but I took back my original first birth name "Marina" in 2015. I used my surname as a middle name, & changed it officially with my citizenship. This is how I became "Marina Vladimirovna Parrish".  However, all of my son's are very much "Americanized": Nicholas Max Parrish, Edward Alexander Parrish & Sean Thomas Parrish ©. 

Back to School

I do not actually believe in ADHD diagnosis, it's called curiosity. Even less,

I believe in medicating a child with synthetic cocaine ~ Ritalin. This tactic should, be in court & all parent of the children prescribed this shit at school,

by the school psychologist ~ should sue.


Child is not supposed to sit still all the time, between the age of 4 to 10. Immigrant 's child, that no one in a classroom likes, is not supposed to be given Ritalin, just for fun, to satisfy fascist teachers Ego & desire not to be bothered. They learn & move & think more than they do at this age. They don't sit still, &

if they do that there is actually something wrong.  

When my eldest son was 17, he was ditching the public school & was actually physically assaulted by the school counselor & security officer, outside the HS campus. I withdrew him from school

& he end up taking & passing GED, 6 months later.  


He actually entered De Anza College, while his classmates were still in HS

& even spend 1.5 year there, until he dropped out in 2015. The day we dropped out from Westmont High, I decided I would never allow 2 of my

other my sons, on a public HS campus. Ever.


Because after it happened, they did not punish the dean or fired him. Instead,

Mr. Michael Posey became new district superintendent, while Mr. Jason Miller became a new HS principal. How about that? 

Avoid PUBLIC High Schools at all cost. ANYWHERE. If you care about your child's future invest in a private school fund. Do not risk your child's safety.

Online Class

Alternative Private education, is the only way your child can, at least partly, stay untraumatized by the learning process. My sons went to Connections Academy, since 2015, as well as continued at Keystone Online High School.

It is not cheap, but it is worth it. The

only downfall, it is not fully accredited

for sports & does not offer an actual physical education. But it does offer hybrid weekend in-person labs: chemistry & biology. State assessment tests are

also taken in-person, at the end of the school year, between mid-March & May. 


"The Keystone School ® is fully accredited and backed by nearly 40

years of experience. Since the first program was introduced in 1974, we have been recognized as an innovator

in flexible, online learning and homeschool programs." 

"The Keystone School is accredited

by Cognia, Middle States Association

of Colleges and Schools' Commissions

on Elementary and Secondary Schools(MSA-CESS), and Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges


"Connections Academy ® is a division

of Connections Education®, which is accredited by Cognia, formal AdvancED. Cognia offers accreditation and certification, assessment, professional learning, and improvement services

to institutions and other education providers. As a global nonprofit working in over 80 countries, Cognia serves 36,000 institutions, nearly 25 million students, and 5 million educators every day"



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