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What does "being equal" means to you? To me ~ it means being on

the same mental capacity & consciousness  level. Period. 


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I do not get involved in LGBT politics, I am neither Pro nor against gays. But I am against Gay culture being pushed up the throat ,  just like "black lived matter". It is an extremist behaviour, & society sees it as a freedom movement?... Why there are many Gay entrepreneurs you do not see on TV?  Who do their jobs, run businesses & do not bother anyone with pro-political movements? Why does CA education system has to be involved in politics? Or any school system?


Sex orientation is a PRIVATE matter. How often do you invite guests into your bedroom? Unless of cause you are an actor or an actress of the The Handmaid's Tale .... Really? I often wonder WHO really runs CALIFORNIA? All they need to know in school: NOT to have sex in school, or have any physical contact on premises, no explicit clothing & THAT IS IT.  REST is NOT & SHOULD NOT be the  SCHOOLS PROBLEM. In school they should STUDY: HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, LANGUAGES, MATH, PHYSICS, NOT "SEX ED " 24/7 & AGENDA of SELF ~ EXPRESSION.


It seem all of California or American Teens are Chronically Depressed with lack of self-expression. Why is that? Because you don't feel like disciplining your kids & telling them to wear uniform is appropriate, not fascism? Why does the uniform exist? So they won't compete, over class or social status  & LEARN. Concentrate on LEARNING, not impressing other with your looks or status or becoming envious of others. The public school system had its spiritual purpose. Wealthy people did not want their children to become entitled, it causes internal problems later on, but due to their social status, the only exposure to other social class their children had ~  was a public school system ... People who don't want to follow this system, usually sent their children

to private schools or have a private at-home tutors. Do you think society has changed?  Since 2000 years ago? No. And actually, this system ~ never will.  Because we are NOT Animals in a wild, to have undone hair, to wear wild dirty clothes, calling it self-expression. So, they don't think being human being is appropriate & teaching child to behave is child abuse? Don't take it wrong way, I am an orthodox & buddhist, I lived a nomad life in retreat before. This society had failed. They lacking logic.



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